Heavenly Acres

Equine Assisted Coaching and Education


(All denominations are welcome)

From The Breath of The Horse To The Beat Of Your Heart

We believe that humans have been created in the image of God: spirit (identity, creativity, and conscience), soul (emotions, will, and mind) and body (flesh and blood), as such, all three aspects have to be touched for healing to be complete. This is the core of what we aim at doing: assisting in your healing journey by offering a time, and a safe place to let God touch you through His Holy Spirit. You receive prayer, you write in your personal journal, you reflect, and you renew your mind by hearing His truth spoken through His Word. The horses are enriching the experience by pointing us in certain directions, and by allowing you to be loved and nurtured unconditionally by one of God's most beautiful animals. 

Retreat 1: ''Be Still and Know That I am God''

(Psalm 46:10)

Whether you are seeking answers, are in need of connecting, or are needing some quiet time to recharge spiritually, this retreat is an occasion to spend time praying, reflecting, and interacting with horses and fellow humans in a very unique way. No horse experience is necessary. There are activities which involves the horses, but participation is voluntary. Part of the day takes place indoors in the covered riding arena while quiet journaling and reflecting can be done outdoors. Space is limited.

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Retreat 2 : ''My Sheep Hear My Voice''

(John 10:27)

What is God telling me? 

Am I listening?

You are encouraged to turn your attention inwards in order to learn how to hear, see, and feel what God is doing in your life. Participants must complete Retreat 1 because there will be more active interactions with the horses. Part of the day takes place indoors in the covered riding arena while some activities are outdoors. There is time for quiet journaling and reflecting throughout the day. Space is limited.

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