Heavenly Acres

Equine Assisted Coaching and Education


Equine Assisted Coaching

for Teen Girls & Women

Goal: Impact the present to influence the future

This 4 session program is designed to help girls and women find their true self, and develop personal and social skills through interactions with the horses. Horses rely on the safety of the herd for their survival, and the Horse Sense program teaches participants that they, too, need each other for their well being. During their time with us, they will learn to foster positive relationships with themselves and with others, as well as learn the impact and importance of everyone's role. Each session is 90 minutes, and space is limited to 4 participants at the time. 


  • Leading vs Being Led
  • Positive Leadership Skills
  • Communication Patterns
  • Handling Obstacles
  • Team Work
  • Mutual Support


  • Grooming
  • Leading
  • Herd dynamics
  • Equine behavior
  • Leading Games
  • Mounted Games
  • Free lunging
  • Obstacle Course in hand and on horseback
  • Bareback Riding

 Horse Sense 4 Sessions of 90 minutes/each : $200 + HST

10% discount for family members registering together.

Horse Sense 4 Week Program