Heavenly Acres

Equine Assisted Coaching and Education

Questions and Answers

Q: Do I need experience with horses to participate? 

A: Horse experience is not necessary. We actually find that people with no horse experience get the most out of the retreats or sessions because they have no preconceived ideas or notions about horses.

Q:I am nervous around large animals, can I still benefit from participating in EAL activities? 

A: Absolutely! We have many years of experience teaching with horses, and we will give you time to get comfortable with them. You always have the choice to get involved or not during the activities involving horses. As well, there is great value in watching what others are doing. We have found that most people simply forget that they were scared or nervous as the day goes on, and they always leave with a favorite horse in mind!

Q: I do not know how to ride horses. Is that a problem?

A: During the faith retreats, there is no riding involved. Some sessions or programs, like Horse Sense, can include horseback riding, but it is only done on a "one on one" basis until the Instructor, Nancy, has determined that the rider has enough skills and knowledge to ride without assistance or in a small group. 

Q: I do not know where I stand regarding God or my faith at the moment, is the retreat for me?

A: Yes! Come as you are! It is our wish that after the retreat, you will have a clearer understanding of God and faith. We base our teaching on the Bible, and we also find that the testimony of other participants is oftentimes an answer to another's questioning. We trust that God is sending the right people at the right time to Heavenly Acres as part of His plans for them. 

Q: I am going through a hard time, and I find myself getting emotional very easily. I am concerned about not being able to hold back tears, nor emotions. 

A: It is very common for participants to cry or even to feel frustration or anger, and it is totally okay with us. God created emotions. None is bad, even anger. He teaches us to deal with them in appropriate ways, and we are there to help. Some participants cry before, during and/or after being at Heavenly Acres. We trust that God is touching people so that He can heal them, and a release of emotions if often required. We pray for and with participants during their time with us, and we also encourage them to connect with us before or after if they feel the need to be prayed for. 

Matthew 18:20 

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them."

Q: I am not a church goer and/or I do not read the Bible, will I understand what the Facilitators will be talking about?

A: We are so glad you asked that question! The language we use is not complicated. Our goal is for participants to get real life applications of the gospel of Jesus Christ that works for them. We use the Holy Scriptures as a confirmation of what God is saying to us, and most passages are from the NIV (New International Version), which is easier to understand than the King James. There is no quizzing, nor questions about theology; therefore the retreats are suitable for everyone. 

 Photo credit to Isabelle Bouchard (www.abelle.ca)

We hope to see you soon!

Until then, may God bless you! 

The Janssens Family