Heavenly Acres

Equine Assisted Coaching and Education

Why Equine Assisted Learning?

Equine Assisted Learning evolved from Equine Assisted Physical Therapy. It was not long before Therapists realized that there was more than just positive physical impact on their clients who were participating in equine related activities. As mobility was improving, so was emotional well being. Many non verbal clients said their first words while on horseback. People are drawn to horses, we all know of (or we were!) a little girl who wanted a pony for Christmas! Science is now confirming what some of us have known for a while: horses are good for our soul, and they have the ability to draw out of us our emotions by either reflecting them back at us or reacting in such a way that we cannot ignore them anymore. 

Horses are herd animals, and they have relied on their amazing ability to read body language for their survival. They are naturally connected to every member of the herd, and this heart connection is what allows them to move in sync at the slightest signal of danger. Horses do not handle stress well, and God has created them in such a way that even though they have one of the fastest reflex times in the animal kingdom, they are always aiming at getting back to a balanced state of being. At Heavenly Acres, we call this ''Going back to grazing."

Our horses are facilitating the workshops, sessions, and retreats by showing participants what their emotional state of being is at a particular moment. They guide them into healing by offering new neurological pathways through experiential learning. 

Eddy letting us know that there is baby in there! He actually licked her tummy numerous times, and kept on touching mommy's heart, and then tummy, with his nose. And for those who are curious, it was a baby boy! 

Nancy Janssens is certified as a Coach and Facilitator

with EAL Canada